About the Book

“Outside of her close friends and confidantes, Annie had not mentioned the sex-a-thon to anybody, which probably was the best way to go. . . . I, on the other hand, had already blathered on about the endeavor to anybody with ears. It was the whole Heisman Trophy thing. On this, my first day back in the office after kicking off the sexpedition, my boss blushed when she saw me. Another boss reddened as well. Yet another beheld me, took a few steps back, and said, ‘Uh, how’s it going?’ He actually circumnavigated me after I answered, like I’d morphed into some hellion driven by fierce, feral loin power. . . . I felt stronger. I felt suave. I felt—gasp— Mediterranean. I’d instantly become an objectified sexual being: That man had sex last night! He going to do it again tonight! Wow!”

Creeping into middle-age, saddled with work deadlines, child-rearing, home-making, and 14 years of togetherness, an ordinary, happy but harried couple sets an outlandish goal: have sex for 101 consecutive days – no excuses (not even flu, late-night child wanderings, or flat-out exhaustion).

What ensues is by turns hilarious, tender, and seductive sexual romps in hotels (both cheap and classy), at an ashram, in a basement, atop boulders and unstable easy chairs, but most often in their own bedroom which they dub the “sex den.” As they literally screw their way through months of a cold Colorado winter, they turn up the heat by attending the “Adult Entertainment Expo” in Vegas (the Oscars of the porn world), take Bikram “hot” yoga to get limber, stock up on candles, Viagra (just in case) lube, lingerie, and sex toys galore.

But besides the awe in their ability to get it on day after day –and actually enjoy it—they’re more surprised and touched by how much closer they become, relishing conversations, holding hands, hanging out in hip coffee shops together instead of in the aisles of Target, and firming up (no pun intended) a relationship that already seemed as good as it gets.

Seeking out babysitters, getting fit, and dressing up for each other – this 40-year-old couple begin courting each other the way they did when they first met in their 20s, only seven moves and two pregnancies later. As Doug Brown lays everything bare – from his triumphs to his tanks (Yes to making love on an exercise ball, No to Tantric sex tricks), we get an inside look at the male mind and discover that a good husband and a good dad can also be one hell of a lover. The jolt that every marriage needs and longs for, Just Do It proves that even when it feels like there’s never enough time or energy, trust Annie and Doug . . . THERE IS.